The Ultimate Busy Women’s Guide to Flat Abs


If you scour the internet, you will find many tips that will tell you how to get flat abs. However, most of the flat abs tips talk about having a healthy diet and spending time in the gym. They just do not take into account the busy lifestyles of women who are working or who are too tied up with household stuff. This blog is intended to show light to those busy women who dream of getting a flat ab but don’t know how to get one in her busy schedule.

The formula for getting flat abs is based on two things – healthy diet and regular workout. The problem that most busy women face is that they cannot find time during the day to do some workout. By the time they are done with their daily chores, they would be too fatigued even to think of working out. If you have the same challenges that deter you from working out daily, try doing it in the morning. Before you send the kids to the school or start dressing up for office, let your workout session be over. You would not need to touch the schedule for the rest of the day.

The Four Essential Workout Exercises

flat-belly-workout-1The basic mantra of getting flat abs the quick way is to do some exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. Any flat abs workout program would require you to do these four. If you think that doing these would not be possible at home, go out for a walk and do it in interim pauses during the walk. You need to make a note that the walk has to be a quick one. Here is a quick guide for doing these exercises during your walk sessions.


Stand straight while looking forward with the chest held up and out. Spread the feet to shoulder width. Bend your knees and take the sitting posture as if you are sitting on a chair. Keep the hands clasped together near your chest. Hold for 30 seconds and let go.


While lunges are done best with weights, but if you are too busy to do it that way, you can do it without the weights as well. To get in the lunge position you need to stand upright and then take the left foot one step back. With the left foot stepped back, bend the right knee, and you get into the normal lunge position. Now switch the legs and repeat the same thing in quick succession for ten times to complete a set. Complete three sets at one go.


To do pushups while walking you can get hold of a bench at the park. Place your hands on the bench and do the classic pushup. You can add levels of difficulty by doing the pushups on the flat ground and not on any bench or bar. To make it more challenging, you can place your feet on the bench and do the pushup on the ground. Remember, the higher your feet from the ground; the more efficient will be the pushups for your abs.


While there are different types of planks, you can concentrate on the basic one. Get into the pushup position with your elbows bent. Transfer the weight of the body onto the forearms. From the shoulders to the ankles, the body should be in a straight line (which means you need to keep the hips as low as possible). With clasped hands under your head, hold for 30 seconds and let go.

Do not ignore the diet

inacomfortfood12So now you are aware of the different exercises that would help you get the flat abs even in your busy schedule. However, having a healthy diet is equally important. The best ab routine in the world will fall flat if it is not backed by a clean and healthy diet. If you are a busy woman and do not the time to cook those healthy recipes, you can do it the basic way.

Divide your total food intake into six sessions. You would need to have three meals and three snacks sessions in between the meals. That means you would have to eat something every three waking hours. Do not eat heavy. Eat less, eat sensible things. That is what will back the early morning workout sessions and will tone your abs.

Certain food items have to be thrown out of your kitchen. When you are in the spree of getting flat abs, you will have to stop consuming aerated soft drinks, juices and cordials, processed foods and even alcohol. The whole idea is to cut the sugar supply to your body. Along with that, you got to reduce or eliminate the intake of fried items and dairy products. Double toned milk can be taken, but do not even think of eating other dairy products like yogurt or cheese.

You would need to increase the intake of food with healthy fats. Try keeping some avocados, nuts and seeds, soy or tofu with you. There is no harm in munching a nut while taking a phone call or doing some activity of your long agenda for the day. As for the diet, you would need to have vegetables (boiled ones would be better), legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. As you may not have the time to cook your diet separately, it is wise that you boil the vegetables as that will take less time and would still nourish your body with the required nutrients.

Drink water, lots of it

Keep a sipper bottle handy with you. This is required as you would need to drink plenty of water all throughout the day to maintain the body hydrated. If the zipper is kept in front of your eyes, you would easily remember drinking the water even in your tight daily schedule. If you are a housewife, you may want to write down a sticky note that would remind you to take water. You should put up the sticky note at a place where you would never miss it. The fridge would be an excellent option. If you want to add some flavor to the water, add lime to it. Avoid adding any sugar.

Above everything else, you need to have a positive frame of mind that no matter what, you would squeeze a little time out of your busy schedule and do the necessary workouts. Now that you know that it doesn’t take too much to get the flat abs keeping busy cannot be a showstopper any longer.